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About the Crown Coast Tourism Union
  • The Crown Coast ranges from Wugu, Bali, Tamsui, Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan and Wanli to Keelung in New Taipei City. The stretch of coastline resembles a crown worn by the island of Taiwan hance the name, and together with the Queen’s head in Yehliu presents the perfect image for the Crown Coast. Every scenic spot and business in the area is a brilliant gem and pearl in the crown. Along the Crown Coast there is Guanyin Mountain, Fuguijiao Lighthouse at the northernmost point of Taiwan, Qianshui Bay, Baisha Bay and Zhongjiao Bay. Yehliu and Heping Island have special landscapes and cultural resources, while Jinshan and Wanli have many top quality hot springs. Leisure sports such as cycling, surfing, and SUP stand-up paddle boarding have been developed and combined with the terrain. The aesthetics of static space is characterized by Juming Art Museum and Dharma Drum Mountain Park, coupled with local high-quality businesses, showcasing the diverse features and charm of the Crown Coast.

  • Crown Coast Tourism Union